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Published: 11th April 2011
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Your best friend has asked for your hand in marriage and you now find it is time to start preparing for your wedding invitations by selecting the most excellent informal wedding reception invitation wording. Many couples find it hard to select the best wording when they are faced with so many choices. However, it is actually quite easy when you follow these straightforward rules.

When you are trying to create the best informal wedding reception invitation wording, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to have fun. The wedding reception invitation wording should reflect how you both live your lives. If you as a couple spend a lot of time near the beach, you can create a beach invitation with the words vanishing into the sunset.

These ground rules include mentioning the married couple to be full names, mentioning where the reception will transpire, mentioning when the reception will transpire, and mentioning the time the reception will transpire.

The third item to take into account is what to say for the rest of the informal wedding reception invitation wording. With your essential ground rules firmly in place, this opens it up for you to be as artistic as you want with the rest of the invitation. You can place anything at the top including your favorite song verse, your favorite poem, or your own creatively written words. Just bear in mind no matter what you say that it needs to go along with your wedding theme.

Being consistent through your entire wedding is important and is also the fourth factor you need to consider. If your wedding is informal, then you need to make sure that your entire invitation is also informal. This means writing the numbers for dates instead of spelling the number out. It also means reducing the titles in the names to Mr. and Mrs. Lastly you need to shorten any street names such as Ave.

So any formal words such as cordially invite would need to removed.

The sixth point you need to make sure is included within your invitation should address how you wish your special guests to dress. The last thing you would want is for your special guests to leave early due to feeling out of place because everyone is dressed casually while they are dressed in a tuxedo and fancy dress. This is very easy to refer to in your invitation. All you have to do is to include how your casual event will take place such as in you will be having a casual beach party or backyard barbeque.

Setting up what the wedding reception invitation wording should say is very simple when you follow the ground rules mentioned above. The most vital piece of information to consider is for you to remember to have fun creating the wedding invitations. The first part of the invitation should have your favorite song or poem verse or perhaps you can write a verse of your own. The next part should contain the main parts that are in any invitation which are the wedding couples full names, and the items that answer the questions when, where, and time. After all of this, you should include a single line that explains how casually dressed your guests should arrive. By following these courses of action, you can guarantee that your informal wedding reception invitation wording will come out just the way you want.

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